Shwayder Solar Retrofit Visualizations

solar shwayder 2 solar shywader

We did a few mockups of what SAB could look like with solar panels on it in order to get thinking creatively about that possibility. In the first photo, panels have covered the back side of the building, which faces the sun most of the day. There are rechargeable moped stations, as mopeds are a popular method of transportation for students. If these stations were more available on campus, students may be more inclined the purchase a moped to commute instead of a car because of the immense money-saving benefit of solar powered electric vehicles. In the second image, sun-tracking solar panels adorn the south-facing side of the building so they can get the most out of their position and also provide shade below. These solar awnings would also bring more attention to SAB and possibly more prestige to EDP and the art department.

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