Biosensing/Biorobotics Project Pitches

1. use a MindWave to capture brain waves while playing different styles of drum beats (switching between rock, funk, hip hop, reggae, jazz, etc.) which is sent to an output that draws in some way. The waves could be controlling biorobots with ballpoint pen tips facing downward while they slide across a piece of paper. a listener could also have the same set up, measuring how the brain waves respond to hearing different styles rather than playing them.

2. hexbots could be reacting to infrared pylons in their environment while acting on the “consciousness” created by data fed from someone playing drums. the input could be electrical muscle impulses, changing the speed of the hexbot with the speed of the drummer. it could also react to brainwaves changing over time as the drummer switches between genres, rhythms, or tempos.

3. hexbots equipped with light sensors could be programmed to chase light, simulating naturally light sensing plants that need sunlight.

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